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              Welcom toBND Enterprise
              Language: 中文版 ∷  英文版


              B&D is located in the beautiful city of Xiamen, is a company with internet banking, international trade, international logistics, storage yard, international shipping agency company of supply chain management as a whole, adhering to the "Hong De course, strive for perfection" spirit of enterprise, enterprising, sustainable development. The company aims to cultivate a solid, efficient and stable team, create mature service system with all partners and share win-win future platform, and is expected to become a large international supply chain management group.

              Xiamen B&D Import & Export Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is located in the famous port city of Xiamen, is a private enterprise in Xiamen hundred enterprises trade. The company is approved by the Ministry of trade and the General Administration of Customs to have the national import and export operation right, specializing in import and export trade and logistics services, a comprehensive international trade enterprise. It is a category a enterprise and export tax rebate a enterprise. The company mainly produces all kinds of domestic granite, imported granite, imported marble, special-shaped stone, thick plate, thin plate and freezer (seafood, fruits, vegetables, etc.), footwear, clothing and so on. The products are mainly sold to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other countries.

              Xiamen RUIHANG logistics Co. Ltd., founded in 2007, good relations of cooperation with a number of owners to establish business daily, year import and export container volume of about 60 thousand TEUS, the export advantage of routes including Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, the Red Sea, Europe and africa. In addition to international logistics, daily businesses also include warehouses, warehouses (mainly built and consigned yard, Xiamen port storage yard), cold chain, ship agent and so on.

              With the rapid growth of B&D, in order to improve the quality of service and improve the link of supply chain, our company will cooperate to build the consignment yard. The construction of the consignment cabinet is divided into two parts of the cargo yard and the container yard. The cargo yard is a site for the set up of field goods, and the container yard is a site set up for container empty containers. As the first substantial cargo yard in Xiamen port, there is an incomparable advantage over the traditional yard.


              Xiamen Rui hang Logistics Co., Ltd., as a first level freight forwarder approved by the national foreign trade and economic cooperation, has been working with many ship companies for a long time. The largest partner is Yangming shipping Limited by Share Ltd, which has close cooperation with each other. The dominant routes are all over Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the India and Pakistan, the Red Sea, Europe, the Mediterranean and other regions.

              In 2017, B&D investment management company co operated with the Xiamen shipping exchange to develop the logistics supply chain information platform construction project. The Xiamen shipping exchange is an important part of the southeast international shipping center. It is committed to providing "one-stop" shipping element transaction services for shipping companies on the basis of the development goals of "basing on the west side, serving the two sides and facing the international".

              B&D has been committed to providing high quality services to customers for more than 10 years, providing customers with a more comprehensive, flexible, efficient and economical integrated supply chain service. We have the ability and confidence to create a brilliant future.

              CONTACT US

              CONTACT US





              Address: West 3D unit (UNITED BUILDING), No. 28, Huli Avenue, Xiamen, China

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